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1. What You need to prepare:

For Registration

  • Company registration number
  • Company VAT number
  • Tax identification number 1

For Manage document

Download, Fill, Sign and upload the Board Resolution document to manage the Jinius account. Prepare documents[2]

For Account Validation

The company’s active bank account

*1 Taxpayer’s Identification Code (TIC). It consists of 8 digits and a capital latin character at the end, e.g. 99999999X.

*2 If Passport was selected by the LE Admin as an identification document then he/she needs to upload the information and signature page of the Passport or upload independently a copy of the front side of the national ID and another copy of the back side of national ID if National ID was selected.

2. Sign up to get your activation link to Jinius

As admin you will register your company on the Platform, have full permissions, and will be responsible for managing all tasks.

3. Register your company

After logging in for the first time you will be able to complete your company profile and start using Jinius. That’s it, it’s that simple.