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Getting started

  • arrow How do I register as a Company Authorized Representative?

    First, go to Jinius login page, click “Register “. In the next page:

    1.  Fill in the required information and click “Register“.
    2. After registering, you will receive an email to verify your email address.
    3. Click on the link you received by email to verify your email address.
    4. Once the email address is verified, you will be asked to set your password.

             Please note the password requirements:

    • At least 10 characters
    • Lowercase letters
    • Uppercase letters
    • At least 1 number
    • At least 1 symbol

    In the next step:

    5.  After setting your password you will need to verify your phone number by inserting the code you received as SMS.

    6.  Finally, after verifying your phone number, you will be asked to fill in the details of the Legal Entity you are setting up, and you will be assigned as the admin for that Legal Entity.

  • arrow How do I register my Company?

    Please note that you will need the following documents, before you can complete this process:

    • Identity details
    • Company registration details
    • VAT & Tax ID number
    • Access to a valid company bank account
    • A scanned copy of your national ID / passoport
    • A letter of Authorization specifying you as authorized to manage
    • your company’s Jinius account

    Don’t worry if you don’t have these documents in hand, you can always log back in and continue the process when you have prepared all the documents.

    1. click on “Get Started” and fill in the required information.
    2. Next, you should select your subscription

    Upload the required documents:

    •        A scanned copy of your National ID / Passport
    •        The Letter of Authorization that allows you to manage the Jinius account onbehalf of the company.

    Once the upload has been completed, click “Continue”.

    In order for your company bank account to be validated, you will need to send us 1 EUR from your company bank account to the account you see on your screen, using your company’s registration number as reference.

    After validating the transaction, your company profile has been created successfully and your account is now under review by our Operations team.

    You will be notified via email once there is an update on the status of your account.

  • arrow What user Access Permissions are available?


    In order to see the users registered under your Company:

    • Go to Company settings using the account icon on the top right corner of your Jinius homepage
    • Assign Admin role to the new user in “User Role” section

    The user access and permissions granted to the Admin are the following:

    • View and Edit the company’s details
    • View, add and delete the company’s users


  • arrow How can I get paid?

    Once your company is approved you will be able to setup your payment settings by accessing the top right user icon and choosing Payment Settings from the profile menu. There, you can setup your payment settings to be able to get paid through Jinius!

    First, provide your bank account details in the form under the “Get Paid” section:

    • Beneficiary Name – Your corporate bank account name
    • IBAN – Your corporate bank account IBAN

    Click on “Add Bank Account” and you are ready to start accepting payments through Jinius!

    Note: We are currently accepting only Bank of Cyprus IBAN

  • arrow How do I pay others?

    If you’re a bank of Cyprus client then it’s easy for you to start paying through Jinius, if not you may find your nearest Bank of Cyprus branch and become a client of the biggest bank in Cyprus to get the benefits of Jinius!

    If you have a corporate account with Bank of Cyprus, then you have 2 options to pay others through Jinius!

    Pay others instantly without any setup

    Start paying others as simple as it’s sounds, no need for any setup in Jinius neither your bank account. You will just be redirected and prompt to login to your 1bank account for every payment.

    Pay others using 1bank B2B APIs

    1bank B2B APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) are tools offered by the Bank which allow an external system to access 1bank functionality directly without the need of a user.

    Jinius is already integrated with the Bank’s available B2B APIs to initiate payment instructions, it just needs your authorization to be able to connect to 1bank and initiate payments directly from your bank account.

    If you have a corporate account with Bank of Cyprus, then you will need to complete the Application Form for using 1bank B2B APIs.

    Get familiar with the required form details and related terms and conditions of Bank of Cyprus B2B APIs by checking them below:

    • Application Form for 1bank B2B apis
    • Terms and Conditions of 1bank B2B APIs Service

    Once you are ready to complete and sign the form, arrange a personal meeting with your Bank Relationship Officer to proceed with the application. Note that both documents should be signed in person.

    We are always available to answer any questions that may arise during the completion of the form and make your application process easier.

    Once you have your company UserID for B2B APIs or if your company already is using B2B APIs through another system (e.g., your ERP system), then you only need to enter your Company’s UserID in Jinius under the section “Pay Others” in Payment Settings page.

    1. Access ”Payment Settings” page by clicking the user icon on top right of the header in Jinius app and choose “Payment Settings” menu item.
    2. In the “Pay Others” section enter your company UserID (8-digit code) and click on “Connect with 1bank”
    3. Once you submit your company UserID you will need to proceed with the authorization by connecting to 1bank, using an account that was specified in your Application Form for using 1bank B2B APIs.
    4. By clicking “Authorize Connection” you will be redirected to 1bank to login and proceed with APIs authorization. You will need to accept all available API options and select the accounts you want to be able to process payment initiation through Jinius.
    5. Once you authorize the accounts and proceed with successful authorization, you will be redirected back to Jinius and you will be able to start paying without the need to login to 1bank for every payment.

     Note: Once you proceed with the authorization action, it will be valid for 365 days. You will need to renew this every year; we will notify you when this is about to expire to proceed with the renewal

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