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Join an ecosystem of clients and suppliers


Jinius is the first Digital Economy Platform in Cyprus. Within the platform’s ecosystem you can grow your network and connect with current and new partners to enable new business connections.

Simplify your daily operations


Use Jinius to automate and digitalize your manual processes. You can also integrate your own systems upon request (e.g. ERP and CRM) for maximum efficiency.

Never miss a payment again. Ever.


Stay on top of your invoices – incoming or outgoing- by tracking their status and receive real-time notifications.

Grow your business with cutting edge solutions

  • Digitalize invoicing
  • Make and receive payments
  • Remittance management
  • Grow your business network

Save time with our automated e-invoicing process

  • Send and receive digital invoices and credit notes
  • Make your payments via the platform
  • Access your billing history 
  • Trust that your data is safe
Digitalize invoicing

Easier, faster, and safer transactions

  • Integrate Jinius with your business 1bank account
  • Execute worry-free payments with the reliability of the Bank of Cyprus
  • Automate multiple invoice payments
  • Gain access to forecasts and cash flow projections (coming soon)
Make and receive payments

Automate bulk payments with Remittance Management 

  • Schedule remittance 
  • Send bulk payments to multiple suppliers
  • Receive the remittance advice
  • Real-time email notification for payments received
  • Automated invoice status update
Remittance management

Join our business ecosystem to explore new business opportunities (coming soon)

  • Build your company’s digital ecosystem
  • Allow Jinius’ users to discover and connect with your business
  • Get in touch with other companies and start new collaborations
Grow your business network

More features coming soon

We are working non-stop to launch more features, improve your experience and help you thrive with your business results.

Business Ecosystem

Connect and network with existing and new potential customers.

Market Insights

Monitor transaction data and gain business insights and personalized reports.

Consumer Marketplace

Get your own online store and access to consumers on a vast digital marketplace.

Tendering & Bids

Participate on RFQ’s, provide quotes and custom tenders.

Business Marketplace

Receive orders and sell products and services.

Utility Bill Management

Pay utilities online, simply and quick.

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